the website

local edge node: Ashburn, United States


Things which i'm interested in

  • Virtualisation
    • I have a lot of experience with Proxmox and venders such as OVH & Hetzner
    • Intially came from resellers such as Treudler and eventually to me buying my own rack server (since sold)
    • Ths would eventually expand to running gameservers such as FiveM and Minecraft with dedicated hardware

  • Cloud Technologies
    • I'm currently studying a honours degree in Computer Science with Cloud Technologies
    • I've yet to touch a lot of cloud technologies

  • Linux & Unix
    • As of December 2020, my Web infastructure is hosted on CentOS
    • Always trying new projects or distributions to expand my knowledge
    • I partake in System Administration for cubeOps

Services I recommend

  • Mullvad VPN. No log VPN based in Sweden, a must-have in any privacy toolkit
  • ProtonMail. Switzerland based email hosting, and has a unbeatable reputation
  • Anonaddy. Stop giving websites your emails & encrypt them with PGP straight to your inbox
  • Bitwarden. Open source password manager, essential for everyone
  • Hetzner Cloud. Premium cloud VPS hosting based in Germany. Hosted part of my infrastructure for years
  • PrivacyTools. Help stop big data collection!

Other things

  • Public SSH Key. Please download from here if you are giving me access to a server.
  • Contact: 98dfa54b-2814-4075-973e-647aeab998c6 AT anonaddy DOT me (PGP)
  • My Github. I don't develop much, but there are a couple of things on there which are useful (?)